Wilson rules the day in Ontario

Between six lead changes and two yellow flags, Justin Wilson drove his #6 Taco Bell Ford F-Series truck straight to victory lane in the MRLRacing.com SS Series race at Ontario Motor Speedway. Wilson beat out Jim Black and Paul McCollum to take the checkered flag, despite leading the most laps. The strategy game was all about when to come down pit lane, thanks to two long green-flag runs in the beginning and middle of the race. ! The first caution flag came out after the first quarter of the race was completed, giving everyone ample time to pit for tires, fuel, and a good gauge on how long the tires could run for. The second yellow flag came out with 12 laps to go, at the very end of everyone’s fuel window. While Mikey Larkin took fuel only, Winson, Black, and McCollum each took at least two tires, giving them the advantage when push came to shove towards the end of the race. With the win, Wilson secures himself a part of the top positioning in the league. League administrator Mikey Larkin came in fourth, while Jeff Eden rounded out the top five. MRL Racing is preparing for their next major event on RLMtv, the Halloween 2010 Bash. The race, open to anyone 18 years old and above, will feature the best of MRL Racing facing off in the Sprint Cup mod at a redefined Atlanta Motor Speedway. To qualify, drivers must race into the Top 5 of any qualifying race in the month of October to lock in their spot. Earlier winners will be given priority positioning in the field of 30. The race will be broadcast live on RLMtv on Saturday, October 30, starting at 9:00 pm. To learn more about the race and how you can get involved, visit their website at www.MRLracing.com.

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