RaceLM V2 Daytona 400

daytona-400-racelm-tribute-brian-michaelAll you Nascar Racing 2003 Season sim racing drivers need to put your expert skills to the test and attempt to qualify for the RaceLM V2 Daytona 400. Qualifying starts this Friday and the race is the day after on Saturday 23rd. 1421435553671This race is being broadcast by Matt Thomas and Web Racing Network. Trophies for the top 3 finishers and random prizes. Entry fee is free! This race is a tribute to Brian Michael who passed away last year. Brian Michael was production manager of RLMtv for many years broadcasting hundreds of races. We met Brian Michael back in the N4 days and raced the number 154 at StatRacer in every series. He was a great man and a great father. He will be truly missed. http://www.racelm.com/rlmv2/daytona-400-tribute-to-brian-michael/

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