Moore Picks Up Bonus Win in SRO Make The Chase 100

In a race that saw over 9 yellow flags Jon Moore and his #01 Shelby Cobra Ford made it count in the Southern Racing Online Make the Chase 100. Moore used pit strategy and conservative driving to lock in an extra ten bonus points going into the Chase for the SRO Cup Series Championship. “Its great when we can get a win like this,” Moore said. “These extra points will help me close the gap [against Andy Watkins].” Andy Collerin and Justin Wilson rounded out the top three. Andy Watkins will lead the chase with 70 bonus points to spare, while Stan Aldridge locks in the final position in the Chase with a 5th place finish. Chris Pence, who finished in the 6th position behind Aldridge, will narrowly miss the 2010 Chase. The SRO Cup Series Championship will begin on Sunday, September 1, 2010, with their first race at New Hampshire International Speedway. Leader Watkins will be the man to beat, with a total of 80 bonus points coming from his 8 wins during the regular season, followed by Moore, with an additional 20 bonus points (including his win at the Make the Chase 100). League administrator Ed House will enter the chase in third place and no bonus points, with Luke Luttrell and The Daytona Kid rounding out the top 5 with 10 bonus points each from an earlier win in the season. Also making the Chase: Drew Ziegler, Randy Skinner, Aaron Ziegler, Bobby Rob, Ken Wood, John Luttrell, and Aldridge.
Check out the action from the broadcast replay video below.

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