Top Sim Racing Games for the Avid Gamer

Out of all the various genres, racing games have an extremely difficult job in separating themselves from the pack. In older days, the high end of the genre belonged to arcade types like Crusin’ USA or OutRun, while console games had decidedly fewer thrills. Now, heavyweights like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport continually up the ante with better graphics, hundreds of cars, and endless customization options, like kart racers and others turn to smaller systems. For the most detailed-minded racer, to Nintendo fans looking for quick laps, there’s a little bit of everything for your personal speed. Let’s roll up to the starting line and take a look at some of the top racing games ever created. First on our list is Nascar Racing 2003 Season or just NR2003. It is Papyrus’ final simulator, and according to some, their finest. Built on top of the Grand Prix Legends engine, NR2003 is one of the most realistic racing sims ever made. The car responds to changes, corners, bumps and turns just as a real car would. If you want to know what it’s like to drive a real NASCAR stock car, NR2003 is probably the best way to do it. Grand Prix Legends

The next game on the list is considered to be a genuine professional racing simulator. With arguably the most realistic physics of any sim, the online-only iRacing is the league racers sim of choice. With dozens of cars and tracks, and numerous leagues and competitions, there is always someone to race on Built on the same engine that powers NR2003 and Grand Prix Legends, iRacing is perhaps the most realistic sim on the list. Online games introduced the world to a brand new level of gaming. Not only do gamers get the chance to compete with the computer but with other gamers as well. The idea of video games letting the player experience something even though he is in the comfort of his home is still prevalent in today’s modern setting. Nowadays, one can enjoy a good quality game of poker with different players from around the globe thru online gaming sites like Partypoker offers and provides one of the biggest rooms with tremendous player action at any time of the day. Partypoker is one of the world’s largest online poker brand and they offer a wide array of poker games online like Texas Hold’ em, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Card stud and more. Joining is easy. One just needs to sign up to enjoy the games online. They have even launched an Android application for mobile users making poker playing more accessible than ever. The power and reach of online gaming has made the video gaming industry reach new heights and has truly revolutionized the games.

Coming in at number one on the list is an old favorite. Grand Prix Legends was released in 1998 by Papyrus, and simulates the 1967 Formula One season. You can have any of the cars from the 1967 season, and race alongside such greats as Jim Clark, Denny Hulme and Dan Gurney. With innovative graphics, incredible and innovative physics, Grand Prix Legends stands above the rest and is considered to be the greatest racing sim of all time.

RaceLM V2 Daytona 400

daytona-400-racelm-tribute-brian-michaelAll you Nascar Racing 2003 Season sim racing drivers need to put your expert skills to the test and attempt to qualify for the RaceLM V2 Daytona 400. Qualifying starts this Friday and the race is the day after on Saturday 23rd. 1421435553671This race is being broadcast by Matt Thomas and Web Racing Network. Trophies for the top 3 finishers and random prizes. Entry fee is free! This race is a tribute to Brian Michael who passed away last year. Brian Michael was production manager of RLMtv for many years broadcasting hundreds of races. We met Brian Michael back in the N4 days and raced the number 154 at StatRacer in every series. He was a great man and a great father. He will be truly missed.

Tribute to Bugscuffle

Watch Race
Mod – NR2003 NCTS09
Track -Daytona TR
Logistics – 30%,

NWO/DWIracing will be holding a TV Race on RaceLM TV at Daytona TR on Wednesday Night, June 20th in honor of Mr. Gene Reynolds (Bugscuffle).

This event will be part of the regular schedule for the Truck Series.
It will be a points race and will be hosted by Cruzn & Hammer.

UPDATE: After a tight race filled with different strategies, Sharp scores the win in the Tribute to Bugscuffle race at Daytona

HCR Daytona 500

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Mod – NR2003 BRcup
Track – Daytona TR
Logistics – 40%, open setup, 2x pit
Presented by – Hard Charger Racing
Only the front 2 positions from qualifying are locked in. During the race qualifying session these 2 drivers will be the only ones to qualify. The rest of the field will lotto start behind these 2 drivers.

BSR 2012 Cup Series Season Kick off

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Mod – NR2003 BRcup
Track – Daytona TR
Logistics – 40%, open setup, 2x pit
Presented by – Bomb Squad Racing
Bomb Squad Racing 2012 Cup series season kickoff at Daytona. This is the start of another great season of racing at BSR. We run the full Nascar cup schedual. Races are every thursday night. Expect to see alot of great sim-racers looking for the early points lead and that elusive win at Daytona.

Loper Wins the BSR Season Opener

With a race that virtually went green from flag to flag, green flag pit stops, fuel strategy and the right set of gears seem to be the right combination. Loper had all these and was in the right place when the yellow cam out on the last lap giving him the win at Daytona for the BSR season opener.

HCR Duals at Daytona

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Mod – NR2003 BRcup
Track – Daytona TR
Logistics – Two 50 lap races, open setup, 2x pit
Presented by – Hard Carger Racing
We will run 2 races with even number qualifiers racing in race #1 and odd number qualifiers racing in race #2. The top 2 qualifiers from qualifying are the only spots locked into the 500.

Powell and Bartel winners at the HCR Daytona Duals

Dual #1 was laced with incidents but new comer Jake Powell in the 46 keeps his car clean to take the win while in Dual #2 fuel stategy and teamwork were on the menu giving the win to TJ Bartel inthe 51. Now on to the Daytona 500.

ICR Reality Rally 250 Benefiting Michelles Place

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Mod – NR2003 NCTS 09
Track – Daytona
Logistics – 50%, fixed setup, 2x pit
Open to the public
Presented by – Inter League Charity Racing
Interleague Charity Racing is proud to hold our first “Kick off the Season” race to “ICR Datona 250 benefitting Michelle’s Place”, a charity that is determined to knock out breast cancer. and the ICR are coming together to help the cause, as all of the ICR events they will be broadcast live on and are ironing out the plans of our first Season Opening Charity race. Many of our drivers have been great in supporting the ICR in the past with Victory Junction, and hope that our drivers want to make a showing for Cancer as we do for the kids of VJ. We are not departing from our support for Victory Junction but have an opportunity to showcase the great drivers of the leagues that support ICR and their very big hearts and will be back with VJ next Thanksgiving. Many of you have been touched by cancer in your life, and like myself want to do something that could help bring a end of the horrible disease. Losing a friend or family member to any kind of Cancer know how bad it can be on the family and impact your life, I will be running a special paint scheme to honor my dad and hope you will come out for some fun restrictor plate racing at Daytona, please see the details below and lock in your starting spot and car number now!

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